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Highly Qualified British Snowboard Instructor

Adam Started snowboarding in 2000, when every penny saved he used to follow his passion, snowboarding. He booked on his first BASI snowboard instructor’s course in 2002, on passing them he started doing seasons in 2003. Adam has now worked in some of biggest schools in the world with 14 seasons under his belt. Adam has the top British snowboard qualification and he is here to help you follow your passion or just help you have fun.



  • BASI ISIA Snowboard Teacher

  • French Moniteur National (BEES)

  • Snowsports Scotland Performance Coach

Adam Hopwood

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Currently taking a break from her career on the stage. Tara is the brains behind the operation -- she's that good at organising some of our regulars have Nicknamed her ADMIN.


She loves the snow and has been skiing since the age of 3. Tara now enjoys sharing this with her children.


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Nyah first strapped on a pair of skis and a snowboard at the Age of 2, not long after turning 3 she made her way down a run without Adam or Tara's  help... If you ask her what she currently prefers It's skiing ---although this changes daily.....



A boy of few words who loves to copy his sister, first strapped on a board  at 14 months but this was on the deck...


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